Saturday, January 07, 2006


I've been a miss at keeping my blog postings regular. That's pretty bad, seeing as how I wanted to do more Blogging this year, and try to make somewhat of an income from it, even if just to fill up my gas tank here and there.

New Years Eve, we went to our friend Sherrie's home for a party. I had fun. Got a little drunk -I think most people would call it tipsy, though- and had fun.

Danny Before Drinking
Danny Drunk
I sang, "I left my heart in San Francisco."
I may not have sounded good at all, but at least I looked good doing it.
At the request of the FBI, CIA, Homeland Security, NSA, the Pope, and leaders of the five major religions, Nancy doesn't drink. But she had fun anyway. All the above should still be worried. Very worried.

We spent New Years Day like most everyone else; doing nothing. Recovering. On Wednesday, we went to Disney- Magic Kingdom, and had dinner at the Crystal Palace. If you'll click on my flickr badge, you'll can find the pictures of Nancy hugging a few of the Plushy fetish people.

Lastnight, we saw Brett play soccer. It was cold, so very cold. Stephen came to the game, and to see me. I had a good time seeing them again. I miss them.


Anonymous said...

we miss you too man. glad we got to see you guys again. hope to see you soon and "ya'll" can come see the house and all.

Anonymous said...

They miss you too. They really enjoy when you and Nancy come to visit. You really are a great Dad.

One of the exes.