Saturday, January 21, 2006

Highland Games

Nancy, Shelly, Bob, and I went to the Scottish Highland Games today. The picture above is the different clans marching in. I'm part of Clan Cambell. Cam Beul means curved mouth in Gaelic. I guess it's appropriate for me, as one side of my face has slight nerve damage, making my smile go a bit sideways. Nancy is part of Clan Gunn. Evidently, Clan Gunn is direct Norse decent, so Nancy actually does have more Viking in her than she thought. I could actually be part of Clan Tavish, but Tavish is suppose to be part of Clan Cambell anyway. I prefer to be of Clan McBubba.

I love bagpipe music, and was able to hear a lot of it today.

I'm eventually going to get me a Kilt. This would be my tartan:

I could wear a Black Watch tartan, but from looking around, it might be disrespectful to do so, since I've never been in the military, especially the Scottish military.

I got to watch some of the different Highland Game events.

This was the hay toss. They were trying for 30 -something feet. I didn't see anyone make it. Most of the guys who compete are also Powerlifters, or Olympic Lifters. Some even compete in the World Strongest Man competitions.

This guy sat out the competitions:

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