Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Some Days

Some days, I just can't think of what to write about. Seems to be that way lately. Not quite writers block, but annoying anyway. I'll post more. Hey, at the very least, I'll throw and ad up, or two.

This is a picture of the monorail station at the Ticket and Transportation Center for the Magic Kingdom. Can you tell when this picture was taken? Was it 1972, or 2006?

Luckily, some things don't change at Disney. Here's to hoping the Haunt Mansion remain as timeless.

Speaking of The Haunted Mansion, most who know me know that I'm a Haunted Mansion (HM) collector. Not sure how and why that came to be, but that's pretty much the only collector thing I do. I have a pretty basic collection, and when I have enough to take care of a few commitments and some left over, I might pick up another few trinkets.

I have kept my client list down lately, not doing so much on marketing. Mostly, I think, because I wanted to be sure I had time available for classes. Now that I have the classes, I can do a bit more marketing. I'll keep my training limited to the mornings.

I started class tonight. I was late. That sucked. Really sucked. I'm rarely late to work mostly because I have a routine that keeps me on schedule. When things that aren't part of my routine, I can get out-of-sync, and wind up late. One of those things that really suck about ADD, I guess. Makes us seem aloof or even arrogant. I missed a turn in the dark, and wound up ten minutes late. Had I not missed the turn, I would have been on time. The professor had just started on some material. Luckily, I knew the material already. My first thought was, "Oh, we're reviewing?" But, it was new material for some.

Part of the class involves using Linux. Luckily, I've been using it, as you can see below. Linux and Unix aren't too different, from what I can tell, and I've used Mac OS X, but not NetWare. I'm hoping to get my hands on .....

Oh God. I've gone and geeked out.

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