Tuesday, August 02, 2005


Over 100 years ago, consumption meant tuberculosis. You died from it. A pretty uncomfortable way to die too. It seems we haven't progressed much.

I've spent the last few weeks examining our consumer society. I watch people around me, and see how transfixed we've become by stuff. Fast food is a good example of this. People wear the effects of that type of consumption on their bodies, especially around the waist. Waist - waste. How appropriate. Because of our over-consumption, we produce more waste than any other society on earth.

With regard to fast food, many people say, "We have a choice. They don't force it down our throats." This is true, but I'd like you to consider this: Choices are not made in a vacuum. They are greatly influenced. I've certainly been influenced.

In todays life, avoiding overconsumption takes a conscious effort. Sometimes, a heroic effort. Companies spend billions researching ways to influence our 'choices'. They seek to become the default setting when you think about their products.

What comes to mind?:

Athletic shoes

Are you getting my point?

Why do we have all this consumption? Why do we need all this extra stuff? This year alone, how many items of 'stuff' have you thrown away? How many of those items did you really want?

It's been said, "What you do shouts so loud, I can't hear what you say." I hear people talk about what they believe all the time. Personal trainers get to hear that everyday.

Our TRUE beliefs come out in our daily patterns of action. It comes out in how we live, not what we say.

Does what you say, and how you live really match? I can't honestly say it does with me. I'm just as guilty as anyone else. I certainly can't 'cast the first stone'. Besides, with a torn rotator cuff, it would hurt. I've fallen for being 'the customer' myself.

My vow to myself is this; I will try to find ways to consume less, and waste less.

At the very least, I might save some money.

Coach DANNY!!

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