Saturday, August 27, 2005


I start school on Tuesday. I'm taking just one class this semester; Introduction to Micro Computers. I'm nervous.

I'm love learning new things. I'm actually very good at learning. I taught myself some Russian and Norwegian. I've learned how to do many things with computers, out of the necessity of independence. But, school has not been the best place for me.

I'm not good at learning at the pace someone else has set. I learn best at my own pace. With some things, it's superfast. With others, it's slow. Long ago, I learned that the classroom is probably the absolute worst environment for me. I also learned that approximately 50% of the population is much like me. The classroom education method is designed for failure. Hopefully, not my failure.

I do have an advantage this time; I've learned how to learn. My challenge this time around is to apply the methods I know that work for me.

I'm still nervous, but anxiety is simple part of my life. I deal with it, sometime very well, sometimes not so well. When I was a gymnast, I learned how to channel that anxiety, and make it work for me. I hope I can apply that to school.


J. Sandstormer said...

Good luck!

Danny said...

Thanks, much appreciated.