Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Burying the Dead

Last night, Doug called and said he rather go ahead and take over the clients for the rest of the month. I wanted to finish up a few clients that were going to be done at the end of the month, but it seems a 'computer glitch' had the workouts wrong, and most of the clients were done. That, and I think it was probably in Doug's best financial interest at this time. Either way, I'm completely done with Body Coach. Well, except for the email address (bodycoach2@yahoo.com), but I've had that for years. Coachdanny is taken. Besides, the internet knows me as bodycoach2. Seems I've become a personality in the Super Slow/High Intensity Train crowd.

The hardest part of leaving a facility, and not having the clients come with you is that I probably will never see most of them again. I'm not one to say, "See ya later," when I know it's probably not going to happen. I've made relationships with these people. Some, I see more often than their spouses. I know more about some of them than their spouses. It's part of the job. Working with people's physiques sometimes helps them get into their own head, usually for the better. Some people face things about themselves they dared not look at before working with me. I get tears, frustration, embarrasement, and sometimes anger. But, they always improve. The best thing about this job is that by helping people with their body, it also helps their mental and emotional life. Sometimes even their spiritual life. My job is to help people have the confidence to do things they just wouldn't, or couldn't do before. Confidence tends to increase in other areas of their lives. I see it in writing classes, too. To help people improve their lives is why I keep doing this. The money is worth it, even during the times it's not much money.

I'll miss them. To all of my clients who get to read this, and I never see again, "Have a good life. I'm glad I got to be part of it, even for a short time."

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