Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Solaris, Sun, and Xubuntu

A few weeks ago, I attempted to install Solaris 10 on an older dual 450 MHz SunSPARK ultra workstation. The idea was to learn Solaris. As it turns out, Solaris is basically a fancified Unix with a greatly modified Gnome desktop. I played with Solaris for a few hours, the installed Kubuntu on it. Kubuntu is nice, but I'm not a KDE fan. I have nothing against it. I just prefer the Gnome desktop. I know Linus Torvalds likes KDE, but it's just not for me. I'm glad there's alternative desktops though. I uninstalled Kubuntu, and installed Xubuntu on the Sun Workstation. Solaris 10 and Kubuntu ran like cold syrup on that system, but Xubuntu worked just fine. Solaris 10 and Kubuntu ran like cold syrup on that system, but Xubuntu worked just fine.

When Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy Gibbon comes out in October (the 10 refers to October, and 7 refers to 2007 - good number scheme), I'm considering installing the Xubuntu version on my Laptop (it's more of a portable desktop). Xubuntu is fast on older hardware, really fast on new hardware, and it's what I'll be installing on most Free Geek systems. I know how it works fairly well, but it might help to be much more familiar with it.

My experience with Puppy Linux on really old systems (like a Pentium 200 MHz) gives me the idea to try doing a basic command line installation (server), and install IceWM on top. IceWM is the desktop interface for Puppy. This way, I might be able to keep consistent to the Ubuntu/Debian base systems, and have a uniform upgrade method for those older system. The disadvantage would be that the people working on distributions like Puppy and DSL have done a really good job of figuring out what works best on older hardware. That, and some of the newer Linux kernels don't work well on older hardware.

On second though, maybe I'll stick with Puppy on those old systems.

The iPhone comes out this Friday. I won't be rushing down to the AT&T store to get one. Far too expensive. That, and I'd rather wait for the iPhone 2.0 to come out. Besides; what I have right now works just fine. Well, at least it does when my bill is paid.

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