Tuesday, March 06, 2007


It's been a few weeks since we took the mutley crew to the Dog Park. I think we like going there as much as Disney or Universal. Of course, the dogs like it more. Whenever we mention the words, Dog Park, all their ears stand up -or out as in Abby's case- their eyes brighten, and the run towards the door to the garage. Taking them is fun too. We all pile in the car, dogs in the back, get my Diet Dew at the Sunoco, and head to Fleet Peeples park.

When we first started going, the pups would stick pretty close to us. Now, as soon as we get their they take off, just like 12 year olds at Disney World would. First thing; the Wilderness Trail.
The Woodlands Trail is Abby's favorite. Chili likes it okay, but she sticks close to us. I guess she feels it's her duty to monitor where everyone is. Chili likes the beach area. It's the most likely place she'll find a ball for us to throw for her.

The three darker haired dogs are ours. The white one is a new friend. Abby doesn't like the beach as much. Too many people and dogs for her. Maybe she has a dog version of agoraphobia. Abby stays at my leg when we're at the beach area. Sometimes, if it's not to crowded, she venture for a frolic in the water with Ginny and Chili.

Ginny likes everything at the dog park. The Woodland Trail, the Beach, the Meadow, the Hammock area, even the Pavilions -might be food there.

We like watching them enjoy being dogs.

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