Saturday, March 17, 2007

Art Festival Half Way

The Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival is almost done. One more day to go. It's fun, so far. I started off on Wednesday helping stake out where the tents would go.

The two girls with dark hair were in charge of space assignments this year. They did an excellent job, and if they do it again next yet, I think they'll do really well. The girl in the middle own a shop in Maitland called, Sip and Knit. Business owners know how to get things done.

Thursday, I helped to confirm where the judging results would be sent, and when they needed to be sent. Friday, Nancy and I did 'viewing'. Viewing is where you walk around and make sure things are running smooth, no infractions occur, and ask if the artists need a 'booth sitter'. It's really were you get to walk around the festival, looking at art, while holding a notebook.

This morning, I helped with judging. It went really smooth this year. The judges did the Best of Show first, and worked their way down. When they do it that way, things go quickly, but it only works when the judges are in agreement. They seemed to all agree on Best of Show, and I could see why. I'll post it here, tomorrow maybe. Anyway, a pic of me and Nancy from the show:

I'll try to do some more pictures tomorrow.

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