Saturday, March 03, 2007

Another ChaCha update

ChaCha Search Search

Things at ChaCha are changing pretty fast. They've undergone major upgrades, guide policy changes, and training changes. In the last two weeks, I haven't gotten many search requests, especially for my keywords. The worst part are the prank searches. Infoseeker abuses are another. Things like that will die down after ChaCha actually gets more popular.

There's also the search results. One of the significant things about ChaCha search results are the input from what the guides find. Even on the searches where you don't use a guide, the past recommendations by guides are higher up in the rankings. This can be good, and bad. Good, if the person knows the field their helping search. Bad, if they don't, or worse, if they are trying to get the keyword in the search to go to their own business site.

Right now, that's the real big problem with ChaCha; lack of enough people knowing about it. Fewer people use it. I think that's the struggle that ChaCha will have to endure for awhile longer. One thing I do: When I'm at a store with computers, I go to each computer and put the ChaCha opening page on it. Harmless, and it lets people see what ChaCha is. And, it's fun to be a screentop graffiti guy.

Try ChaCha, and see how they do. Let me know. You can email me the page at;

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