Tuesday, September 25, 2007

More on Windsurfer Antenna

Most of the hits to my blog seem to come from searches about the Windsurfer Antenna booster for wireless antennas. People gravitate toward those posts. I have to admit I'm a big fan of the Windsurfer Antenna. It makes a tremendous difference in distance and signal quality on my router. When I add it to a desktop pc, the pc is able to pick up many nearby signals in the neighborhood. If I use the Hawking Technologies signal booster, it triples the signals strength, and even more access points show up. Here's a little video I found on making the antenna:

Free* WIFI Booster - The funniest videos are a click away

So far, that video has done the best instruction job. I followed the advice on the video, and used a glue stick. Makes a big difference. I do a few things different:
  • I make the entire thing before I put the foil on. After I've finished constructing the booster, I glue-stick the back, and roll it on the shiny side of the foil. This seems to make the putting the unit together a lot easier.
  • I use a box-cutter to cut out the antenna, and cut the slits in the backing.
  • I cut the pole-slits before I put the booster together. It's not easy to cut those when it's already together.
Once you get the thing together, if you can get the antenna up high, it makes a difference. I've had to actually put some desktop units on top of the desk. Doing so has save some FreekBox customers from the necessity to pay for internet. Don't worry; they were in an apartment where the wireless was offered. I think.


Jim McTague said...

Having struggled through arts and crafts in grammar school, I had no stomach for cutting and pasting; so I merely took a square of foil and Scotch taped it to the antenna. Voila, five bars on the third floor(modem on ground level--cable guys fault).

Danny said...

The Windsurfer is a parabolic antenna. From what little I understand about math and antennas, the layout is mathematically designed to the wavelength the radio uses. But, if what you did is working, the math doesn't really matter. Like the T-Shirt says, "English Major: YOU do the math"

Anonymous said...

I've made myself a set, and to my amazement, it works beyond my expectations! My wireless router is on the second floor of my house tucked in a corner, and my laptop is situated in the opposite adjacent corner in the basement. At best I would get 2bars of reception, but consistent with only one bar.

After making those "windsurfer" antennas I'm getting a consistent 4bars of reception!

Anonymous said...

This is great! I've been looking at expensive aerials and routers but this fixed my problem for free in 5 minutes flat! Went from 0-1 bars upstairs in our 6 bedroom house to 4/5 bars! Thanks :-)

Antenna Design said...

All I have to say is bravo to the creator of this invention and hopefully I will get to make one of my own as well!


Nitily said...

At first when I printed the template out it was rather small and did pretty much nothing. Then I decided to go bigger still didn't do much for me. I took the smaller one I first made and placed it on my wi-fi antenna of my wireless card point it downward angle and now I get excellent range with in 4-5 bars.

And to think I was thinking of wasting money on an extender. HA! and HA! Again. I'm so glad this thing actually works for me