Sunday, September 09, 2007

Friends and School

Personal Commentary

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My friend, K.Mandla has been a busy blogger lately. He's been testing different low end Linux distributions on his ugly little laptop, as he calls it. Checkout his recent findings.

My friend, Drew Baye, is working on a book. Working very hard too. I get to hear some of what he's worked on. I think many people in the fitness industry are going to find it an excellent, informative read. Drew has a snappy writing style, and get's to the point. He has an excellent collection of free information on his website too.

While she's not really a friend, I really enjoy the YouTube Videos done by Happy Slip. This girl is talented, funny, and like me is obviously born without the faulty gene called, "embarrassment". If you're looking for a quick, 3-4 minute entertaining moment, checkout some of her videos. Reading her blog gives you some insight on how home production isn't easy, but it is fun.

By October, I'll be taking 5 classes. I'll actually be taking Network Security (Security+) and Advanced Network Security at the same time. Advanced Security won't be offered next semester, so it wasn't really a choice to not take it.

To get through this semester, and even the next, I downloaded and previewed some software training courses for the subjects I would take. With the time I had, and how long it takes to download some titles, I was able to view the first few weeks of the subjects. Much of the software I have goes it into greater detail than my course material. Throughout most of my course work, I've come out of the classes with an A, but a feeling of, "What was that about?" I felt like I'd passed the class, but had really learned the material. At least not to my satisfaction.

I'm going to have to actually use much of what I'm learning, or at least trying to learn, so I really need to know the material. To that end, I have been trying to go through the borrowed software as much as I can. This has helped me learn the material, but caused some friction with my classes.

This weekend, I've learned I need to do the course work first, then learn the material after I've finished the assignments.

As one of my professor said, "If you think you're going to learn this stuff in class, you're in the wrong subject."

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