Monday, July 28, 2008

HTML class done, but not done with Valencia Community College

Taking the html class at school really helped. I think the pace of the online class was a bit much for the amount of material covered. I'm going to keep learning web publishing. Eventually, coding programs directly on an OS will be obsolete. Unless your program to run a warp drive, or hyperspace jump stuff. Don't even get me started on how bogus a transporter beam would be. Let's just say, I agree with Scott Adams.

Unfortunately, my days at Valencia Community College aren't quite done. Evidently there is one little 1 credit course I have to take to graduate, then move on to University of Central Florida. It's a 'job search' course. I hear it actually helps some people, especially with resume preparation. When I first heard I had to take one more course, I was really discouraged. I'm wanting to get to UCF, and get done with it. Move on. But, that irritation lasted a day, then I was fine with it.

I'm going to spend the next few months focused on studying for, taking the tests, and getting as many IT certifications as possible before December 31. I already have the A+ certification, so next:
  1. Network+
  2. Security+
  3. Linux+
After that, I'll start on the MCSE stuff (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer). I'm loath to go there, but I need to (like I actually know what loath means).

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