Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Bossman Project

Not much has happened since my latest 'update' type post. Well, a few medical issues are getting taken care of, but other than that, no new issues. House hasn't sold yet - it's only been on the market for two weeks. I guess that's good, since we haven't found a house to move into yet. I'd be fine with a doublewide in Bithlo, but I think Nancy wants something a bit more 'comfortable'.

I've thought about expanding my Bossman Project. Besides giving away Ubuntu Linux based computers, I could actually have a business where I install Ubuntu on people's computer they thought were too outdated. I could help them have machines that are still quite capable or working, and working well. I'm not sure the details, but I could charge for installation, and any hardware improvements made; memory, larger and faster hard drive, etc. It would have to be a much more competative installation price than Windows. And, I could provide support. Just a thought.

Back to studying.

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